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July 1961 - Started its plant to manufacture DOP/DIOP/DBP with a capacity of 1000 MT/year at Ghatkopar in Bombay. It was in collaboration with M/s Nichimen & Co. and technology from M/s Sekisui Chemical Co, both Japanese companies.
Aug. 1964 - Expanded DOP/DIOP/DBP plant to 3500 MT/year and also introduced additional range of products DMP/DEP with a capacity of 1000 MT/year.
Sept. 1971 - Put up additional plant to manufacture DOP/DIOP using latest technology and with a continuous processing at Nandesari Industrial Estate, Dist. Vadodara, Gujarat State. The plant had a capacity of 5000 MT/year.
Jan. 1981 - Expanded plants capacity at Nandesari to 8000 MT/year.
July 1982 - Promoted by Indo-Nippon, Oxo alcohol plant of Indu Nissan Oxo Chemical Inds. Ltd. started production with a capacity of 12500 MT/year at Bajwa, Dist Vadodara, Gujarat State.
April 1985 - Production of plasticizers centralized at Nandesari.
March 1988 - Commissioned chemical storage terminal for handling liquid chemicals at Kandla.
Oct. 1992 - Promoted Associate Company M/s Shreeji Plasticizers for carrying out special processing of plasticizers.
March 1994 - Commissioned windmill operation for electricity generation at Village Lamba, Kalyanpur Jamnagar, Gujarat State.
Dec. 1994 - Promoted Associate Company M/s Balaji Polymers for additional capacity for special processing of plasticizers.
March 1995 - Expanded plasticizer plant production capacity to 35000 TPA.
January 2001 - Developed products for highly specialized applications to meet the technological developments in various industries
November 2002 - Units of power generated by wind mills sold to Gujarat Electricity Board
April 2003 - Export business expanded to a great extent & amount to approximately 50% of production
April 2006 - Introduced new non-phthalate plasticizers such as Citrates.
April 2008 - Introduced new non-phthalate plasticizers such as Di Capryl Sebacate and Others.
Feb 2009 - Pre-Registered for REACH for products exported to Europe.
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